Hematologist and Certified French Interpreter, Liliana, Brings her Rich Medical Background to InDemand


Our interpreters are among the most qualified in the healthcare market, setting the highest standard for credentials, experience and training. This month we celebrate the skill and dedication of our diverse interpreter team and their commitment to ensuring all patients have access to safe, high quality care.

Completing medical board exams to practice as a physician is hard enough to do once, but Liliana, a hematologist from Romania, has done it twice and nearly attempted it a third time.Liliana grew up in Romania where she finished her medical schooling to become a general practitioner. She was pursuing her residency in Romania when she was offered a fellowship to study in France in 1993 with an emphasis on hematology. This meant completing her medical boards yet again, this time in France.  

As a hematologist in France, Liliana helped patients who were suffering from blood related challenges and diseases, and her focus was on supporting patient treatment with chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. She continued this work for 11 years until she met her American husband, Brian, and he convinced her to move to Seattle in 2004.

Initially, Liliana intended to study once more for her medical boards to be able to practice medicine in the United States, but she realized it was practically the same thing she had studied twice before in Romania and France, and she decided to pursue another avenue of her career.

She started off working for Microsoft where she was translating Xbox and Java software into French, but she missed using her medical background. When a position for medical interpreters opened up at InDemand, Liliana immediately applied and got the job. She began working at InDemand in 2014.

“I was excited to pursue a career related to medicine that wasn’t hands-on,” said Liliana. “I really enjoy the combination of languages and medicine, so medical interpreting is a good fit for me.”  

Since Liliana joined InDemand, she has pursued her master’s in interpreter training and has completed her oral and written exam with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Language Testing and Certification Program (DSHS). She has also achieved her national certification from the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters.

InDemand is a very unique work environment where we have people from all over the world working together every day from nearly every continent,” she said. “My colleagues are from so many different cultures, and we are all very different that is fun to learn about one another and share our unique perspectives. This creates a very dynamic, open minded culture. It’s like a perfect world! I think working with people from different cultures make us more open minded and less likely to go to war with someone who is different than us.”  

Liliana believes her medical background as a hematologist enables her to provide valuable perspective as an interpreter.

“I can be very precise with my background in medicine, making it easier it to explain things to patients and healthcare providers when I am serving as the bridge between the two,” she said. “I am also able to understand the cultural nuances of the French language and bring that to my role as a medical interpreter.”

When it comes to her team, Liliana believes InDemand provides a place of work that benefits her in many ways and management is supportive of interpreter needs and the work she and others are doing to support patient care.

“We have a fantastic team at InDemand,” she added. “I love the work we are doing to support patients, providers and the communities they serve.”

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