Recap of 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018


We have a great deal to celebrate at InDemand as we enter 2018. Our services are now being used in nearly 2,000 care settings across the U.S. and we estimate having served more than one million patients in 2017 alone. I am proud to see the passion and commitment from our team every day to live out our vision and ensure that “every patient, in any medical setting, receives quality care, regardless of language, cultural background or disability.”

Success in 2017 

As we continue on our journey to better serve the needs of limited English proficient (LEP), Deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) patients, I wanted to recognize significant milestones achieved in 2017.

Our highly qualified, medical interpreters supported nearly one million patients in 2017. With this incredible momentum, we were able to double the size of our interpreting team, which is now twice the size the entire interpreting staff was just two years ago!


Our product management team was instrumental in ensuring access to anytime, anywhere interpreting through InDemand Clarity – Connect, which enables our healthcare partners and telehealth application providers to seamlessly add live, medically qualified interpreters into bedside media and telehealth sessions on demand.

Additionally, InDemand Clarity – Connect is now integrated with Oneview’s smart bedside solution, immediately connecting medically qualified interpreters through the innovative platform to empower the care team, improve language access and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

Why it Matters

More than 3,000 times a day, through our VRI, providers are beaming medically qualified interpreters into clinical settings. We play a critical, intermediary role in the healthcare environment providing quality communication. We consider our interpreters members of the medical team and look forward to continuing to serve our healthcare partners with effective communication to bridge the language needs of their limited English proficient, Deaf and hard of hearing patients, throughout 2018.

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