The Why Behind Our Work


There are times in your career when the stars align and you are given the opportunity to reflect on why you do what you do. As a marketing executive, I often find myself swimming in the world of KPIs, analytics and results driven marketing campaigns. It’s easy to lose sight of why all of this is important – serving people and solving their problems.

InDemand is a remarkable company that is committed to serving limited English proficient, Deaf and hard of hearing people to make sure they receive the highest quality health care, regardless of language, cultural background or disability. Through our technology and committed interpreting staff, we supported conversations with close to one million patients and their providers last year alone, empowering patients and their family members to participate in their own health care.

Today, InDemand was recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) as a leader of innovation in Seattle. As one of the honorees, InDemand stood alongside globally recognized companies like The Allen Institute and Spaceflight Industries and lesser known organizations like Ventures and the Low Income Housing Institute. Kudos to the PSBJ for making an event like this possible and spotlighting organizations that are making a real difference in their communities (whether they are local, international or in outer space).


I felt a sense of pride when Cecil Kost, Chairman & CEO at InDemand, stood up to accept the award. His passion was evident as was his commitment to continue our company’s innovation to make sure LEP, Deaf and HoH patients have medically qualified interpreters available to them anytime and anywhere they go to receive care.

Today I remembered why my work – to support healthcare organizations in better meeting the needs of their underserved patient populations through language access – is so important. We are making a big difference in the lives of real people every day.


Whitepaper When Patients Don't Speak English

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